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Look, Feel and Be Great
Without Relying on Medications

Regain the Energy You Enjoyed in Your 20s!

Next Turnaround: April 1, 2024

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Hi, my name is Dr. Tricia Pingel, and

I typically work with rockstar women!

The kind of women who do “all the things!”


​They juggle their career, motherhood, marriage,

Orange Theory, PTA, housework, travel and have an

epic social life.


Does this sound like you?


… or perhaps a former version of yourself?


Do you work hard, mom hard, play hard?


But lately, your energy levels have tanked?


Some days you're too busy to notice how exhausted you are...


And some days, getting out of bed feels as daunting as running a marathon.


You used to feel like a queen, generously giving your time and energy…  


…and everyone admired you for it. 


But now you feel kinda crappy with low energy.


Do you feel disconnected from your former fun-loving self?


Have you been falsely told that your exhaustion is a natural part of getting older?

Have your doctors run labs and told you that you’re totally fine?

Or maybe they prescribed anti-depressants, hormones, anxiety meds, sleep aids, or Prilosec?


But you don’t really feel better…

Deep down, you’re scared that it could be something worse…

Like maybe early stages of something bigger…

You feel off and just want your previous life of energy back.


I know how frustrating it is to feel this way, especially with no answers.

The good news is that these symptoms don’t mean you’re dying…

I’ve treated hundreds of women with these symptoms.

***Almost all of them were experiencing
something I call Adrenal Fatigue!

Do you know what Adrenal Fatigue really is?

Stressed Woman

Adrenal fatigue is weird because it looks different with everyone.

One patient will complain about stubborn weight gain, sudden wrinkles and heart burn.


Another woman will have intense brain fog, acne and constipation.


Yet another will be struggling with bloating, anxiety and insomnia.


Almost all of them complain about exhaustion!

There are 3 stages of adrenal fatigue…

Stage 1 can often be reversed in 90 days or less.


Stage 2 can often be reversed in 3-12 months.


Stage 3 can take years to decades to overcome!  


Believe me, you don’t want to end up with Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue!

Stage 3 always leads to disease…

When there is no amount of coffee in the world that can quench your exhaustion, you’re probably experiencing adrenal fatigue!


The earlier you catch it, the better, because each stage is increasingly harder to overcome.



Plus, it’s a nightmare that can take decades to recover from!


You want to nip it in the bud now while you still can!

How do you know if you are in one of the stages of adrenal fatigue?

Most women come to me because they think they’re in perimenopause.

Spoiler Alert: Perimenopause isn't the problem!

Stage 2 adrenal fatigue often looks like perimenopause...

Sure, your hormones are tanking, but the root cause of your “tanking hormones” is adrenal fatigue.

When you restore your adrenals back to health,

your ovaries will be able to function again…

Your hot flashes, mood swings and

perimenopausal weight gain will simply fade away.

The same goes for thyroid conditions.


When you restore your adrenals to health, your sluggish thyroid will perk up to its former healthy self.


Your healthy adrenals will fuel your thyroid so that it can function well.


You don’t need thyroid medication; you need to restore your adrenals!

I’ve helped hundreds of women reverse their “perimenopausal” symptoms and thyroid conditions by fixing their adrenals…

And I’m confident I can help you restore your adrenals back to health and get you back to being the super rad rockstar that you are!

Young Women with Shopping Bags


Susan, 53

I was suffering from sleep deprivation, night sweats, and mood swings. I also had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I had heard of adrenal fatigue before, but I didn’t think my symptoms were caused by adrenal fatigue! But I started feeling a big change within the first month.


I was quite shocked at how quickly I started feeling better. Sleep was a huge issue before, and I started sleeping so much better. I also lost 15 pounds! My stress is pretty low now. It feels great to have my life back!"

Carla, 30

I was absolutely exhausted. I was bloated, had acne, diarrhea and mild depression. I was dealing with constant menstrual cycle problems and autoimmune conditions. I could barely function throughout the day, having unusually low energy. My previous doctors said she was “fine” but I knew something was wrong, 


Dr. Pingel brought me back to my good self. My husband said, “my wife is back.” My energy returned, I can workout again, and I’m back to my healthy weight. I’m physically and emotionally thriving again!

Jessica, 50

I’ve lost 65 pounds, and now I’m thinking I can do anything I need to do. Dr. Pingel’s approach supports the whole person, not just a symptom.


The change I’ve experienced is momentous—life-changing! I have my life back.

Your Adrenal Glands are the Reason You are a Rockstar!

If you don’t know much about your adrenal glands, you aren’t alone!


Your adrenals are tiny little glands located above your kidneys…


And they happen to be one of your hardest working body parts!


Your adrenals regulate your:


✔️ Metabolism, weight and bloating

✔️ Energy

✔️ Stress response

✔️ Immune system

✔️ Sleep

✔️ Hormones

✔️ and so much more!


Advanced stage adrenal fatigue often leads to serious illness because

your adrenals literally control your entire body!

Do you know what the #1 cause of adrenal fatigue is?

Yoga Friends


The kind of stress that takes a toll on your body from living like the Rockstar you are!


The stress of getting through a normal day is the scariest modern day villain…


This is because stress has been normalized!


Girlfriend, jumping out of bed and rushing around all day is extremely stressful on your body!

Do you wake up to an alarm, immediately check your social media, then argue with your kids about screen time, skip your blueberry smoothie and rush to work?

Screen Shot 2023-08-07 at 6.35.45 PM.png

Does your cell phone constantly beep at you every time you get an email, text, Slack, Instagram, Linkedin and breaking news alert? 

Do you stop to check it immediately?

Girl, this modern day lifestyle is the definition of the kind of stress that leads to Stage 1, 2, and 3 adrenal fatigue!

Just because you can think you can handle your stress emotionally, doesn’t mean your body can handle stress physiologically.


Chronic stress will deplete your adrenals and you’ll be left with a ton of frustrating health symptoms.


When your adrenals break down, every other system in your body breaks down with them…


Your hormones, immune system, energy, and metabolism all get thrown out of whack when your adrenals are stressed.


Every annoying symptom you complain about to your bestie is related to your adrenals!


This happened to me, it has happened to many of my colleagues and it's happened to most of my patients.


The bottom line is, if you feel depleted and fatigued, it's probably

Stage 1 or Stage 2 adrenal fatigue.


I'm Dr. Tricia Pingel

A Licensed Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Pingel, a licensed naturopathic physician, is known as the Adrenal Whisperer. She has dedicated nearly 15 years of her career as an adrenal and stress expert. 


She helps Rockstar women look and feel great by fixing their adrenals without using medications. Her specialty is getting to the root cause of health issues and restoring health and youthful energy.


Since learning that she was one of the 80% of adults who suffered from Adrenal Fatigue, Dr. Pingel has passionately educated about the impact stress has on adrenals. She has helped thousands fix their adrenals, which results in the reversal of many other health symtpoms, including perimenopause. It is her greatest joy to guide people to return to their happy, vibrant and energetic selves. 


Dr. Pingel, affectionately known as The Hip Hop Adrenal Doc, is commonly found dancing all over social media, cheering on her two boys at football, creating healthy vegan recipes in her kitchen and snuggling her 3 dogs and cat at home with her husband in Phoenix, Arizona.




"I had taken thyroid medicine since I was 16, and I had been on antidepressants for 14 years. I was always tired and irritable. I would go to bed at 8 p.m. and sleep until 12 or 1 p.m. the next day—and I’d still wake up tired!

After working with Dr. Pingel, I lost 65 pounds, got off my prescription meds, and my energy returned! My coworker said she can’t believe the change in me. I feel like a different person!  The best part? This plan was so easy—and quick! I was skeptical at first, but this has changed my life in a mere month or two. Dr. Pingel saved my life!”


"I started having a lot of anxiety and couldn’t sleep. I felt like I was going to die. Other doctors just wanted to put me on sleeping medications and other pills. When I met Dr. Pingel, I hadn’t slept for close to 8 days. As a result, I was so exhausted that I couldn’t drive a car, and I had to stop working and move in with my mom.  


Within a week, I started to sleep again. I was able to move back into my house within 5 weeks. My anxiety attacks and insomnia are now completely gone, and I have slept great for two solid years now!"

Jennifer, 30

"I feel as though I am able to manage the stress better . . . things don’t seem so daunting to deal with. I’m much more centered and calm. I feel stronger both mentally and physically because of Dr. Pingel. Now I’m my old energetic self again.”

Regain the Energy You Enjoyed in Your 20s!

Many women tell me they hate getting older because they don’t have the energy they used to.


Truth Bomb: It’s not normal to experience energy dips in your 30’s, 40s, 50s or even your 60s!


Energy dips are a sign of adrenal fatigue, not a natural side effect of mid life!


Did you enjoy high energy in your 20s and early 30s?

CONGRATULATIONS! That means you were born with awesome adrenal glands!


And you can get them back to functioning like the adrenal glands of a healthy 20-year-old!

I've helped hundreds of women who once felt like you do now—and I'm confident that I can get you back to feeling like your healthy, vibrant self again, all within a matter of weeks. 

When you fix your adrenals, every other system in your
body gets a boost!

    ✔️ Perimenopausal symptoms magically disappear…


    ✔️ Excess weight drop off without dieting!


    ✔️ Bloating, heartburn, and gut issues vanish


    ✔️ Many go off their prescription drugs


    ✔️ Constipation clears up


    ✔️ Anxiety is soothed


    ✔️ Cranky attitude dissolves into gratitude


    ✔️ Dull skin transforms into firm, glowing skin


    ✔️ Insomnia disappears, and you sleep deeper


    ✔️ You’ll enjoy better energy and better overall health!

I have watched hundreds of women enjoy the energy of a
20-year-old in their 40s, 50s, and 60s!

This is possible for you too, and can take as little as a few weeks to reverse adrenal fatigue!


Your energy can return to childlike levels!


Imagine waking up feeling well-rested and ready to dominate the day. 

Your mind is clear, and you calmly get ready for another productive day. 

You decide to skip your morning coffee…


Not because you’ve given up coffee…


But because you already feel energetic and your body is craving a blueberry smoothie instead.


Yes, girlfriend, this is totally possible!


Imagine confidently moving through your day, gracefully checking off your to-do list before noon.

You nourish your body with a delicious, colorful salad…

You get a glimpse in the mirror and smile at the reflection because you look younger, thinner and healthier than you have in years!


Gratitude comes easy because you feel calm despite any stress thrown your way.


You feel safe and secure because you are the healthiest you’ve ever been…


Rest in the knowledge that your immune system, hormones, gut, and mitochondria are thriving!

This is what awaits you when you nourish your adrenals back to health!

And this version of yourself will be revealed in Total Energy Turnaround!

Total Energy Turnaround

Overcome Adrenal Fatigue with Total Energy Turnaround

I designed Total Energy Turnaround for busy women like you who don't have a ton of time to invest in a program because you’re, well, busy!


But I also designed the program to be super fun, interesting and exciting, so you’ll be inspired to dig in each week!

It’s for women who yearn for the days where they bounced out of bed each morning to dominate the day. 


This is your ticket to regaining your youthful energy and thrive!


The good news is, many women begin seeing energy level  improvements in the first few weeks!


Many women will reclaim the energy they enjoyed in their 20’s by the time they complete this program!


The Total Energy Turnaround is a 90-day online guided course that will walk you through every single part of overcoming adrenal fatigue.

You’ll get EVERYTHING you need to feel like your Rockstar self again, including:

✔️ The Essential 4-Step Guide to Replenish Your Energy

✔️ "Reclaim the Energy of a 20-Year-Old" Bite-Sized Videos

✔️ "Shrink Your Belly Fat" Exercise Program 

✔️ "Nourish Your Adrenals" Cookbook 

✔️ "Nutrient Dense Daily Meal Plan" to Revitalize Depleted Adrenals

✔️ Exclusive Vagus Nerve Calming Exercises to Increase Your Energy

✔️ Major Accountability 

✔️ …and so much more!

Total Energy Turnaround is for rockstar women who want to look, feel and be great again without relying on medications!


Sheree, 35

“I was making time for everyone but myself. And I had trouble sleeping. I used to wake up at night and couldn’t go back to sleep. Now, thanks to treating my adrenals, my sleep is 110% better. I would have times when I would wake up at night and it would be very difficult to go back to bed.


Now I wake up rested and not fatigued.”

Jeannie, 52

“Prior to working with Dr. Pingel, I could barely get out of bed. I had been struggling with extremely low energy, moodiness and brain fog. My doctor just kept upping the dosage of my medication, but it wasn’t helping me. I actually felt like I was dying. I had no energy and was scared that I couldn't keep doing my job. 


After I started working with Dr. Pingel, I lost 50 pounds and stopped feeling like I was dying. I was no longer mad all the time and my life became enjoyable again. I finally had sufficient energy to go to work and do everything I needed to do each day. It’s funny to be grateful to feel like a functioning human, but when you lose your energy, it’s a gift to feel normal. 


If you have any issues with low energy, you should work with Dr. Pingel. She changed my life. I would never have gotten the level of care from anyone else that I've gotten from her.”

John, 31

“I really didn’t sleep much at all. I had lost interest in about every aspect of my life. I was very stressed and anxious, and I was always exhausted. I had been diagnosed with ADHD, severe depression, and insomnia and was on a lot of medication. [Now], it’s amazing to sleep without medication. I think more clearly and everything is easier. 


In comparison to the treatment that I received before, Dr. Pingel’s was night and day. This experience has been nothing short of amazing!”

Walk in Nature




Dr. Pingel has provided care to me and my children for over 10 years. Her knowledge, support, and expertise has had a tremendous impact on our lives. The comfort of knowing a physician and healer who truly cares about you and helping you reach your health goals is invaluable. She is truly invested in her patients and will be with you every step of the way on your journey to improved health and wellness


I’m a classic type A! I do all these things and I had always done them 110%, but after my first child was born, my health started to unravel. I went from sleeping 10 hours a night to not being able to fall asleep until 4:00 AM, and then my daughter would wake me up at 6:30 AM. 


Dr. Pingel helped me with hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's, constipation, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, insomnia, candida, and SIBO (to name a few, ha ha). She’s also helped me emotionally. She has been there literally every step of the way!  Overall, I feel really happy with my health and energy now! I can't imagine anyone else listening and guiding me over the years as well as Dr. Pingel has. She's the best!


I had chronic fatigue and was exhausted all of the time. Soon after, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. This program has really changed my life—saved my life. If not for figuring it out, I would still be on prescriptions for the next 50 years.

Total Energy Turnaround is not for you if…

✔️  You’re not willing to make dietary or lifestyle changes

✔️  Low energy is not an issue in your life

✔️  You’re not ready to prioritize yourself

✔️  You don’t believe in natural healing modalities

✔️  You already feel and look your best

Total Energy Turnaround is for you if
you answer YES to any of the following…

✔️ You’re busy and need more energy than you used to

✔️ You’re ready to release belly fat, bloating and gut issues

✔️ You have limited time and need support making lifestyle changes

✔️ You’re sick of being told your exhaustion is a normal side effect of aging

✔️ You’re over having brain fog and feeling sluggish

✔️ You’re not getting the answers you need from your doctor


I was born with a Type A personality…


I’ve always been an overachiever!


My dad died when I was 24.


I was in med school, and I powered through…


I didn’t really start grieving my dad until my mom died when I was 40.


I was devastated when my mom died, but I had a full caseload of patients, and I didn’t think I could take a leave of absence from work…

Once again, I powered through…

I continued to work 10 hour days and do “all the things.”


I thought I could emotionally handle it all.


I thought I was OK because I wasn’t breaking down emotionally at work…


But the stress and my grief were taking a toll on my body…


Unbeknownst to me, my body couldn’t handle that level of stress.


Even though I was an adrenal fatigue doctor, I didn’t understand that!


My body went into Stage 2 adrenal fatigue right under my nose.


I was too busy doing “all the things” to recognize the damage the stress was doing to my body.


Eventually, I stopped being able to do “all the things”...


My hair was thinning, my body muscle had wasted away, and frankly I looked sickly.


My energy and overall health tanked.


When I opened my eyes and realized I was in Stage 2 adrenal fatigue, I knew I needed to make massive changes…


I was terrified that I was on the path to Stage 3 adrenal fatigue, which is a devastating affliction.


I knew that I needed to commit 100% to restoring my adrenals so that I could reverse my Stage 2 adrenal fatigue.


And that’s exactly what I did!


I finally allowed myself to fully grieve the loss of my parents.


I prioritized ME and replenished my adrenals through lifestyle and dietary changes.


I can honestly say that in these past six years, I’ve felt better than I’ve ever felt at any other time in my entire life! 


I turned 47 this year, and I feel like I’m aging backward!


I bounce out of bed every morning and maintain high energy levels until bedtime…


I’m inspired to dance several times a day and be authentically ME!


I’ve reconnected with my youthful, fun-loving self and I truly love my life!


Total Energy Turnaround was inspired by my journey back to health.

Everything I did to restore my adrenals is what I will guide you to do over these

next 90 days that we’ll spend together.


You’ll learn exactly what to eat in order to replenish your adrenals…


How to properly exercise…


Which supplements are worthy of your money…


Easy meditations, and so much more.


And it’s going to be FUN!!!


I am passionately committed to your health journey…


I know in my heart that your transformation can be every bit as life changing as mine.


It is my sincere hope that I can catch you while you are still in Stage 1…

But if you’re in Stage 2, it is essential that you turn your adrenals around ASAP.

Are you ready to age backward with me and thrive?

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